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‘What we did last weekend…’ - Amie Siegel: Strata

Here at JWA, we spend so much of our time visiting shows, talks, exhibitions and events – we felt it was high time to share what we get up to. In our first 'What we did last weekend' Ferdie went to see the Amie Siegel show at South London Gallery:

Visiting Amie Siegel: Strata, is to feel empathy for stone. The most striking of her works – the video piece, Quarry, features great hunks of marble travelling a subversive journey from the ground to the world of luxury apartments and lifestyles.

You find yourself wincing in sympathy as the great pneumatic instruments saw mercilessly into the white marble slabs – like the dentist’s drill into one’s own pearly whites. And one feels a real melancholy to see the majestic marbling transposed to the bored perfection of the unlived-in show apartment. This is wonderfully thought-provoking work.