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What we did last weekend – Everything at Once at 180 Strand

Last weekend Jo raced around ‘Everything at Once’ at the Store Studios on the Strand…

I rarely go to an exhibition just because of its title, but who could resist the idea of Everything at Once?  With only 30 minutes to spare on a Saturday afternoon I headed down to the Strand for maximum impact.

You know you’ve arrived when swathes of art-world attendees are milling around with their tote bags outside a black-clad building. I launched myself in, headed straight to the back and was immediately presented with works by Lisson Gallery artists including Ai Weiwei, Richard Deacon, Anish Kapoor and on and on it went. It’s a huge space the likes of which you can rarely enjoy in London – more of a Berlin space really – rough around the edges and a different, immersive installation at every turn. My highlight was the expansiveness of Richard Long’s painting.

My overwhelming feeling walking away was ‘wouldn’t it be brilliant if the Store Studios could become a permanent space for artists?’. At a time when more and more artists are being driven out of London because of soaring rents and limited space, dedicated spaces are needed to show a meaningful commitment to art in the city.