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Introducing JWA Concentrate

July 2017

We’re extremely excited to announce our brand new offer: JWA Concentrate. It's been developed specifically in response to major changes and challenges we've identified within the cultural sector.

The idea is simple. We facilitate highly focussed sessions, led by an experienced senior consultant to discuss a specific strategic issue or opportunity, resulting in clear outcomes and a way forward – in other words: no dilution, just solutions.

The sessions include:

Growing audiences, growing income
Which audiences should you prioritise and how will you do it?

Being entrepreneurial
It’s not just a shop – it’s a mindset which encourages new ideas and offers to flourish

Shaping up your corporate plan
You’ve written the 100-page corporate plan, but how do you turn this into action?

Why brand matters
Understand the key strategy at the heart of the most successful cultural organisations

Getting everyone working together
Vital techniques for getting your staff working together to achieve your organisation’s vision

All our sessions are tailored to your organisation’s needs. So if there's any specific issue you'd like us to focus on, we can design something to suit you.

Please get in touch for more information or a chat about where we can concentrate for you.