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What we did last weekend – ‘Moonlight’

Last weekend Alex went to see Barry Jenkins' 'Moonlight':

I love this time of year. There’s so much excitable chatter around the latest must-see, Oscar-worthy movie. I’ve done my fair share of nominated picture viewing so far. And before you say anything negative about 'LaLa Land' – how great does it feel to leave the cinema knowing that with minimal effort, you can sing and dance as well as Ry Gos and doe-eyed Emma Stone?! It’s a realistic depiction of achievable song and dance goals.

But, LaLa Land-loving aside, the film that has really knocked me over is Moonlight. This film is poetic, beautifully shot and (honestly) quite stressful. Set in a tough neighbourhood in Miami, the film is broken into three parts. And it follows the life of the same central character, Chiron, throughout. Moonlight is brilliant and it’s unlike any film with a black male protagonist I’ve ever seen, which is refreshing. And I’m still thinking about it days after watching it – always a excellent sign.