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The London Mithraeum

March 2018

Salve! Over the weekend I finally got the chance to visit the newly rehomed Temple of Mithras at its original site, underneath the new European HQ of Bloomberg, off Cannon Street.

The temple, dedicated to the men-only cult of Mithras, was built in the Roman settlement of Londinium on the banks of the Walbrook in the 2nd Century CE – and was discovered following the Blitz in 1954.

Bloomberg took the project on when they announced the construction of their new European HQ and it’s fair to say the financial giant has ‘gone the whole hog’ with it. The interpretation, design and presentation – including an immersive Mithraeism ‘experience’ – are all top notch and have clearly had a lot of money and expertise poured into them. They even have the voice of Joanna Lumley providing suitably patrician commentary.

The advisory hand of our friends at Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) is also evident – and upstairs there is a dedicated art gallery space with commissions by contemporary artists who ‘react’ to the Mithraeum.

The Mithraeum is well worth a visit for anyone interested in Roman London and shows what can be done when a big corporation has a vested interest in making the preservation of heritage as good as it can be (and it's free). Bravo Bloomberg and all involved!