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What we did last weekend – Almeida’s Ink on the West End

On Saturday Ferdie caught the last performance of James Graham’s play dramatising the takeover of The Sun newspaper by a young Rupert Murdoch.

On Saturday got the chance for a ticket to the Ameida’s West End transfer of Ink at the Duke of York’s Theatre – and lucky I took it, too. Directed by Rupert Goold, James Graham’s account of Murdoch’s takeover the ailing Sun in 1969 and his editor, Larry Lamb’s subsequent war with the Mirror is a gripping piece of theatre.

With Bertie Carvel playing a nuanced, almost-sympathetic Murdoch and Richard Coyle as the chippy, increasingly ruthless Lamb, Ink paints an vivid, nostalgic picture of a bygone period of radical social change.

Worthy of serious praise is Bunny Christie’s production design. The stacked desks rising to a ziggurat of populism perfectly evoke the Sun’s infamously grotty Fleet Street digs.

If you could I would recommend you see it at once, but as you can’t so I shan’t. Keep your eyes peeled for more of Graham and the on-form Carvel, though.