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What we did last weekend – ‘Lascaux IV’

Last weekend Sarah went to to the Lascaux IV Cave:

The curators at the recently opened Lascaux visitors centre are faced with an unusual problem. How to create an attraction based around artworks impossible to transport and too delicate to be in the presence of humans?

Visitors may be lured to the small village of Lascaux with hopes of brushing up against their prehistoric ancestors. These marks made by human hands are after all a rare, tangible impression of an otherwise abstract past. Even though this newest iteration of the site does not directly offer this – the paintings and engravings are replicated brilliantly by modern day artists – there is something strangely sweet and tantalising about knowing the real deal is housed invisibly in the next hill.

There are added benefits as well. The visitor centre uses brilliant lighting tricks and animation to show nuances in the paintings and creatures hidden from the naked eye. This is art that is truly accessible to all and a compelling simulacrum of something worth protecting.