Oxford University’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums

Uniting with one 'Mindgrowing' campaign

Where did we start?

Oxford University runs a number of major cultural attractions – including Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archeology; Bodleian Libraries; Botanic Garden and Harcourt Arboretum; Museum of the History of Science; Museum of Natural History; and the Pitt Rivers Museum. Together they receive over two million public visitors per annum. But their brands were disunited and – alone – their marketing budgets were modest; the need for a joint proposition – articulating their collective offer and positioning – was felt keenly.

What did we do?

In partnership with Lovers, we were appointed to develop the proposition and create the campaign – designed to raise awareness and position the venues as must-see destinations for tourists and day-trippers. Research and analysis revealed the opportunities as well as the perception barriers the campaign needed to address. Our lightbulb moment came when we realised the University might have seven sites – but they all equated to one mind-expanding experience. Hence: ‘Mindgrowing’.

What did it look like?

The resulting campaign celebrates the rich history and almost-surreal diversity of the collections, combined with the dream-like qualities of Oxford itself. Through six different executions, and a map – all using the same playful headline style – it invites visitors to experience an extraordinary and magical day out by visiting Oxford University’s ‘Mindgrowing’ gardens, libraries and museums.


“We’re delighted with the Mindgrowing campaign, which really captures the rich and eclectic nature of Oxford’s collections in a witty and eye-catching way.”

Susannah Wintersgill, Director of Communications & Marketing at Oxford University Gardens, Libraries and Museums

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