Galway International Arts Festival

Realising ambitions for the future

Where did we start?

Galway Arts Festival is a multidisciplinary arts festival in the west of Ireland. The festival had an ambition to be recognised internationally but they didn't have a strong articulation of what the Festival really stood for, or a clear plan to achieve their goal.

They asked us to help them create a coherent story and shared direction for Galway Arts Festival in the future.

What did we do?

We analysed the Festival’s offer, communications and experience, and the complexities of delivering the festival with a mixture of permanent and temporary staff. Through this process we identified the key issues for the Festival: unclear communications, uneven programming and experiences that were only talking to existing audiences. 

We ran a workshop with staff to create a vision for the future, discussing the issues and what needed to change. From this we created a concise brand strategy which articulated their desire to be creative collision makers, offering the festival of extraordinary experiences. We set out what this would look like in practice, giving them an implementation plan with specific changes needed in the four key areas of communications, programming, environment and planning.

What's the impact?

The Festival now has a strong core idea, a clear attitude and a defined purpose. The team understand what they need to focus on to deliver against all of these ideas and achieve their vision. They are now in the process of using the brand strategy as a basis for all their decision making, including commissioning a new visual identity.

“We now have a story for the Galway Arts Festival – I would absolutely recommend Jane Wentworth Associates.”

John Crumlish, Artistic Director, Galway Arts Festival