Building new audiences for the future

Where did we start?

Glyndebourne is a quintessentially English experience and one of the world’s great opera houses, with a reputation for excellence and quality and a willingness to experiment and support new talent. But despite their commitment to widening the audience for opera there were still perceptions of elitism and exclusivity and Glyndebourne wanted to build new audiences for the future. For years the Glyndebourne brand had been decided by others - now it was time for them to define it for themselves.

What did we do?

Our review of the brand supported the company’s world-class, pioneering reputation but also revealed an inconsistent offer and communications together with a fragmented internal culture. Through interviews and workshops with staff we developed an idea that everything Glyndebourne does is ‘out of the ordinary’ and an ambitious vision of ‘transforming opera’ – both in terms of the audience and the art form. We designed and facilitated a programme of staff engagement, helping everyone to understand how to use the strategy to prioritise and make decisions. Working with one of our Associate designers we brought the strategy to life through a refreshed and modernised visual identity, by introducing a new logotype and image style and a re-working of the family crest.

What's the impact?

The new strategy has not only helped the organisation integrate all their activities and become more cohesive and efficient on the inside, but on the outside the big idea is informing their communications and helping Glydnebourne communicate in a more out of the ordinary way, helping them become more visible and desirable to more audiences in more places.

"The brand project has created a more strategic and integrated team where the values of the stage are now shared across the whole company.”

Gillian Brierley, Director of Communications, Glyndebourne

Design: Ned Campbell