The courage to be different

Where did we start?

Haileybury is an independent co-educational boarding school with a long history and strong reputation. It was known for being caring and generous with a good community spirit and a wide breadth of opportunities.

But in a competitive marketplace, the school was struggling to stand out. To many it lacked distinction, with an offer defined more by what it was not, than what it was. External messages were unclear and internally there were no shared values or vision. The visual identity was rather dated and was used inconsistently.

What did we do?

Working with staff, pupils and parents, we defined what made Haileybury special and agreed a compelling vision for the future.

Guided by the brand strategy, our design partner Hat-trick developed a new visual identity and suite of communications materials that combined traditional typographic elements with fresher and more contemporary visual imagery.

We then ran sessions with each department to explore how they could implement the strategy in their work, and we worked with the senior team on strategic changes to help the whole school become more aligned with the vision.

What was the impact?

The new prospectus, designed by Hat-trick, won the award for best Corporate Brochure at the prestigious ‘The Review’, 2014.

Haileybury has continued to expand their brand, and in 2015 the Secretary of State approved Haileybury's sponsorship of Haileybury Turnford academy. This is the first English state-sponsored school to have links with Haileybury.

“The school is now heavily over-subscribed, with about three applicants for every place”
Good Schools Guide 2015