Lisson Gallery

Renewing a contemporary art brand

Where did we start?

The Lisson Gallery is a leading contemporary art gallery with an enviable stable of artists, founded in 1967 by Nicholas Logsdail, who is widely considered as a pioneer in his field. Against a backdrop of an increasingly competitive and shifting art market, the Lisson has held fast to being artist-led, unswayed by fashions and trends, but the Gallery also wanted to face the future and develop its own story. We were brought on board to help clarify their brand and refresh its visual identity to help drive external and internal communications.

What did we do?

Through extensive consultation with the Lisson staff we identified a lack of a clear vision for the future, too many tactical decisions and a risk of complacency. We delivered a strategy that gave the Lisson a renewed sense of purpose and direction that both paid tribute to their extensive track record of identifying new artistic talent and renewed their ambition to continue shaping the course of contemporary art. Staff were also invited to ‘live the brand’ and put the Lisson’s new values into practice through a series of brand engagement sessions which clarified the gallery’s key communication messages and tone of voice.

What's the impact?

“JWA proved invaluable in helping the Lisson Gallery define our brand both internally and externally and move forwards in using this brand to shape our future, define our ambitions and work towards our goals; it now drives our decisions, inspires communications and motivates employees. JWA has an honest, committed approach which encouraged us to face difficult issues and questions to aid the branding process whilst making sure that everyone involved was fully understanding of the process and its purpose.”

Chloe Spriggs, Former Marketing Manager, Lisson Gallery