National Theatre of Scotland

Articulating creativity and confidence

Where did we start?

Within two years of the launch of the National Theatre of Scotland (NTS), the widely applauded play Blackwatch had been performed to tens of thousands of people across three continents and been the winner of 15 awards. The big question was what next? How to build on a great reputation?  And how to develop from the new kid on the block into a mature organisation? Their then Artistic Director Vicky Featherstone knew the right time to develop a brand strategy for the whole organisation, review what had been achieved and define a vision for the future.

What did we do?

We believe it’s all about asking the right questions and listening to our clients’ ambitions. During this process we asked NTS staff what sort of future they would like to imagine and helped them reveal and articulate a compelling story for the company. The big idea at the heart of the brand was "play to provoke":  to provoke intense emotion, to provoke insight and to provoke transformation. A provocative and playful idea to communicate a daring and brave organisation. Our work resulted in a set of user-friendly guidelines that documented the vision of a strategic organisation and the confidence of a simple brand identity. We also helped clarify their brand architecture.

What's the impact?

NTS’ reputation goes from strength to strength, gaining in confidence and independence and the brand project established the company as a more creative organisation.

“Our organisational ethic was already there, but what Jane Wentworth Associates did was help us reveal and articulate it. We are now a more professional organisation and using our values to help make decisions. We’re in a different universe.”

Roberta Doyle, Director of External Relations
National Theatre of Scotland