RSA (Royal Society of Arts)

Changing internal culture to change society

Where did we start?

The RSA - Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce - combines thought leadership with social innovation to further human progress. Building on a 250 year history, the RSA delivers influential and varied research projects together with lectures and events at their home, RSA House. Their work is supported by a network of 27,000 Fellows, an international body of influencers and innovators. In 2009, the RSA had ambitious ideas but no sense of a shared vision or common language. They were in danger of talking to themselves. There was a lack of joined up thinking between the 5 departments and overall a reality gap between who they were and who they wanted to be.

What did we do?

Through a process of interviews, consultation and workshops with the RSA staff, we developed their brand story built around the central idea of the 21st century enlightenment; for the RSA to be an independent platform for debate on contemporary social issues, translating innovative thinking into pioneering social action. 

What's the impact?

Through the development of the Brand Platform, it became evident that this project was about more than refining a story, it was about changing the RSA culture, to create an organisation that is a microcosm and exemplar of the society they seek to create. 

“The best consultants have to be effective thinkers and communicators and their knowledge and insights need to be broad based. (As it happens, the consultancy we are working with are great.) They are driven not by the desire to earn an honest crust, but by a visceral appetite to share the deep learning that can only come from being in the middle of profound change.”

Matthew Taylor, CEO, RSA

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