SALT, Istanbul

Standing out from the crowd

Where did we start?

Istanbul is fast developing a vibrant contemporary arts scene with the emergence of a plethora of exhibition spaces, numerous art fairs and a new found recognition for Turkish artists. A key contributor to is the progressive arts organisation called SALT, created through the merger of three existing institutions: Platform Garanti, a contemporary art gallery, Galeri Garanti, a design and architecture gallery and the Ottoman Bank Museum and Archive. Our brief was to develop a brand strategy, name and business plan for this new organisation that would also support the vision of the cultural activity of sponsor Garanti, a leading Turkish bank with an innovative reputation.

What do we do?

When we joined the project each institution had clear strengths but collectively suffered from low visibility, limited audiences and a lack of coherence and shared vision. There was also a limited return on investment for Garanti. We developed a strategy based on the idea of ‘the institute of difference’, an institute of learning and debate. Here was an opportunity to create something different. A brand that claimed a new space in an overcrowded marketplace and that would help engage new audiences. We also worked with the client to select a new name for the organisation and articulated the brand architecture.

What's the impact?

SALT’s positioning as an institute of learning and debate whose role is always to question and to take a different attitude has been reflected in the innovative visual identity designed by New York based agency Project Projects. The name and identity all aim to convey the ambition that, like salt on food, they want to make a difference to how people experience life, making it more piquant, stimulating and complete.

Design: Project Projects