The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS)

Renaming, repositioning, rethinking

Where did we start?

Nearly 50 years old, and with 92,000 member societies, NADFAS began as a dynamic and influential body – but over the years lost profile and connections. The impact and benefits were not being communicated effectively and the name was no longer recognised outside of the individual societies. We were appointed to bring unity to a disparate set of organisations and help them develop a more ambitious vision for the future.

What did we do?

The concept of connecting people and communities to the arts – and offering an experience that is enriching, inclusive and influential – lies at the heart of the brand positioning. The bold name change makes clear the organisation’s purpose: ‘society’ is key here. It is meaningful, recognisable and engaging – with a strong emotional drive of reaching more people in more places.

Where are they now?

Our partners at Studio Sutherl& worked closely with us to craft a visual identity and logotype that resonate with the organisation’s vision to be the most inclusive and influential arts society in the world. Inspirational imagery is a key part of the visual identity – leaving all dusty perceptions of NADFAS far behind. Now, The Arts Society is moving into the future better connected – looking and feeling the part to fulfilling their vision: ‘enriching lives through the arts’