WNO (Welsh National Opera)

Articulating a new voice for opera

Where did we start?

New artistic Director David Pountney had brought a new ambition to Welsh National Opera - his plans were to take WNO in a new direction with a fresh contemporary programme, a themed approach to each season and the objective to be a compelling, influential voice for opera on an international stage. The questions that needed to be answered were: how to bring a loyal audience with him on this new journey? How to motivate staff to get behind his vision? And how to create a brand strategy that would be a foundation on which to build a revitalised and energised reputation?

What did we do?

We created a strategy built around a central idea that WNO had the 'power to transform'. Delivering that idea would position WNO as a leading company on a local, national and international stage and create a more coherent organisation with a common purpose and shared vision. WNO wanted to ignite a new generation of opera lovers by offering great opera at great value with a democratic and collaborative ethos.  For WNO, this meant that they had the power to transform their company to be fit for purpose in the C21st; to transform perceptions of opera; to transform the communities that they reached out to and ultimately a belief in the power of opera to transform lives.

What's the impact?

We worked with Hat Trick Design to create a new visual identity that expressed the new strategy. At the heart of the graphic system was a brush stroke effect, inspired by artist Howard Hodgkin, which reflected the power to transform through dynamism, contrast and colour. This could be used as a provocative and playful device on strong imagery, full of personality.

“WNO's rebranding exercise is an integral part of its overall strategy to make itself as fit as possible to face the many challenges of the current environment. This includes a reinvigorated artistic programme, a rigorously tight management of our financial outgoings, and a positive search for alternative funding. The branding exercise is far more than creating a new logo.”

David Pountney, Artistic Director, WNO

Design: Hat-trick Design

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