Ekaterina Zherdeva

  • Consultant
  • Insatiably curious, Ekaterina is passionate about creativity in all its incarnations.

    Our UCL graduate’s research-led approach and laser-sharp analytical skills make her a brilliant asset in any project.

Q&A with Ekaterina Zherdeva

It’s a difficult now to whittle down. Frankly, I’m just passionate about anything that’s produced by human creativity ranging from technology and Instagram memes to food and medieval manuscripts… Anything that manifests how we as humans can be imaginative, funny, caring and bright.

I do most of the primary research in our process - so interviews and analysing everything to do with all the organisations that we work with. 

At the moment, it's Donmar Warehouse after seeing their production of Shakespeare Trilogy at King’s Cross Theatre thanks to their Young+Free initiative. 

It is about how a company's values, story, and the way in which these are told, affect its overall vibes. It has got a lot to do with emotional perception, if not everything.