Eleanor Appleby

  • Senior Consultant
  • The sage master of all things marketing, audience, and internal engagement, Eleanor’s energy and efficiency are second to none.
  • Eleanor spent 12 years at the V&A overseeing the new brand strategy's rollout, high-profile marketing campaigns and staff engagement programmes. She was latterly Head of Marketing at ENO, and it was here that she received an offer she couldn't refuse from Jane Wentworth. The rest is history...

Q&A with Eleanor Appleby

I am a senior consultant. As well as working on brand strategies, I also lead on audience development, marketing strategy and staff engagement projects when that’s what clients need.

I worked with Jane when she developed the V&A’s brand strategy. It was a great experience - not only watching her in action, but also then being part of the team who lead on the strategy implementation, and seeing how the process really drove the V&A's transformation.

It means a lot of different things to different people, so if the term is really causing a block within an organisation, I'm happy to use a different word - mission, vision, values. Whatever makes it easier for people to understand the underlying principles and get behind the process.

I like making things better. Working out what the problems are and coming up with solutions. Helping people think differently in order to realise their organisation’s potential.