Ferdie Simon


Ferdie’s background in brand and copywriting has made him a firm believer in the power of articulation for organisations of all creeds and colour.

Having previously worked at The Clearing brand consultancy, where he was a writer for commercial briefs, he specialises in copywriting, immersive research, thought leadership and script writing (he’s even written and directed a film).

Q&A with Ferdie Simon

Brand theoretically encapsulates everything, but seen through the lens of one idea – and that's how you behave, why you do things, and how. 

I love the BFI, but that's because I really love films. It feels quite specialist and niche in terms of audience – but going there gives you a warm feeling, and a sense of 'belonging' to a really important organisation. Membership there feels more like ownership.

Writing is a really direct, but also inherently confabulatory, mode of articulation. Words carry a lot of baggage so you need to take extra special care with them. That's why so many brands are waking up to the importance of ToV, but they're still making a dog's dinner of it.

The one that jumps out for me is Sweden. It's positioned as some kind of utopia of perfect design and liberal thinking. Swedish brands – your IKEAs and Volvos – do a lot to propogate this exterior perception. Not to mention Abba...