Jo Marsh

Director and Consultant
  • A true internationalist, Jo firmly believes in the ‘power of people’ for solving any organisation’s problems.
  • With extensive experience in the worlds of art history, publishing, and design, Jo’s previously worked at Thames & Hudson and Intro – before coming on board at JWA and rising to Director and Consultant.

Q&A with Jo Marsh

People. I just love people: that’s what drives me. What I really enjoy about new business is the matchmaking process – seeing clients and their agendas and thinking ‘yes! we can help you with that.’ That’s just the best feeling in the world. I’m selling a great product. The potential is so exciting about who you’re going to meet and who you’re going to work with.

I met Jane on the other side of an interview panel – I was with a designer pitching for visual identity work at Camden Arts Centre. She was just completely lucid and the vision of the company really spoke to me: the combination of strategy and the visual makes so much sense and I think there’s a real desire for this kind of clear thinking.

It’s not a single project, but I think managing to win work in Scandinavia. That’s a really brilliant example of how a strategy can come to life: we decided a few years ago that we wanted to target Scandinavia, and it’s been hugely challenging to win new work in a different territory and a new country. Each country needs to be appreciated and approached in a new way and we should never be complacent, but I’m really proud of that work.

It’s not just about working with the right organisation, but about finding the right people inside to work with. There’s a real clarity about that to me. Brand is not about commerce and exploitation and all these other things people might think: it’s about people communicating clearly and knowing what they’re doing, where they’re going. It just comes back to people really.

That if you’re investing in infrastructure, collections, staff, you’ve got to invest in brand – it’s crucial to the health of an organisation. It’s about strategic thinking and the work, but nothing’s going to happen in a vacuum.