Sarah Davies

  • Office Manager
  • The cool head in our midst, our Office Manager marries bold creativity with intense pragmatism.
  • Sarah has extensive administrative, financial and developmental experience working at the likes of Serpentine Galleries, Tate and White Cube. As well as boasting graphic design and stained glass among her repertoire.

Q&A with Sarah Davies

I’ve started making stained glass recently, and have a few friends as clients already. The process of moulding coloured sheets of glass together to create something really fantastic really interests me. I’m also learning Spanish at the moment which I put to the test over the summer - I can definitely get by on a conversational level which is exciting.

I’m the office manger here. It’s my job to make sure everyone in the company is happy and that systems are running smoothly. I’m also here to help with the financial side of things which should be a great challenge.

The work Artangel does is really inspiring. I remember seeing the Roger Horns Seizure exhibition they helped fund in 2008. He’d transformed a council flat in the heart of Elephant & Castle into an incredible copper crystal cave. It was completely fantastic and everyone there thought it was really special. The way they allow and help artists’ show their creations in these extraordinary ways really makes it interesting and  I’m always keen to find out what they’re going to do next.

JWA have the ability to help grand and world-class institutions re-connet with their audiences and re-discover what it is that makes them what they are. With everything in the world we live in moving so fast, it can be easy to lose focus. I think JWA helps organisations stop and think about what it is about them them that makes them unique and how they enhance their offer for the future.